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Dec 8, 2013 5:30pm PST
mathematically alive to win the nfc -- still mathematically alive to win the nfc rest. >>> the raiders flew to new york for the second time this season and this time to face jets whose quarterback geno smith had not thrown a touchdown in five straight games. matt mcgloin making his third consecutive start for the raiders, but it was geno smith who came out flinging. jeremy curly comes down with it in the end zone, first touchdown pass for smith since week seven, 10-0 jets. mcgloin is pulled after two offensive series to put terrelle pryor in the game. pryor took the raiders downfield finding rod streater, but they settle for a field goal. so back in comes mcgloin, didn't look too good. mcgloin scrambles in the end zone picked off by ed reed, jets held to a field goal, 13- 3, new york and things get worse. 20-3 jets at the half. raiders come out of the locker room blazing in the 3rd quarter, mcgloin to marcel reece, 63-yard touchdown, the longest of his career. he went over 100 yards, raiders down 20-10. the jets respond in the 4th. raiders could not tackle. there's one, two, three, four. y
Dec 9, 2013 4:30am PST
for a fundraising event. always good to see him. the crowd loves him. the raiders could have used help from bat kid. the 63-yard touchdown run was not enough to boost the silver and black over the jets. new york dominated for much of the game, went on to beat the raiders. the raiders fall to 4-9 on the season. >> at least one raider will be back on the field at at&t park. >> jones and joe montana and several olympians including kristi yamaguchi taking part in the holiday heroes event that benefits five bay area children's charities. kids to neat athletes, take part in several events like face painting, teddy bear stuffing and making smores. >> i'm a fan. >> light a fire to stay warm. we'll check the forecast coming up. what about that morning commute? >> heat seaters. looking to the san mateo bridge. an easy drive across 92. chilly there as well as around the bay. look at the map. the bridges are fine, the larger bridges, at the bottom, as we approach 92 crossing over the san mateo north of there an open roadway or elevated roadway c l called the durand bridge. we've seen reports of black ice. tha
Dec 8, 2013 7:00am PST
is great. >> raiders are on the road. taking on the new york jets. and how about congratulations to the champs. >> they are headed to pasadena. and stay with us right here on ktvu. you had 90 rushes for 448 yards. . >>> raider fans with me. rashad, i am presenting you with an award for the player of the month. you had 90 rushes for 448 yards. and you had two games in which you ran for over 100 yards in the month of november. >> it as starred touchdown against the houston, texans. and baron's jeweler would like to give you this award. >> appreciate it. >> this is right in. and on the side. >> did you expect to have a great month. >> know. >> keep my head down. >> wear a mouth piece that is a pacifier. >> with that, i shut up and work. >> rashad general something's does his talking and he is the baron's player of the month. they are a proud sponsor of oakland football for many, many years. look at the month of november for rashad jennings. >> he started with all the way to thanksgiving day. and more yards in scrimmage. >> nearly 600. that is good news for him. welcome back to the b
Dec 8, 2013 11:00pm PST
for the raiders. tonight they lost their tenth straight game. jets' smith threw. jets first touchdown in 9- quarters. special teams getting tacked. nobody blocked antonio allen. punt attempt recovers into the end zone for a touchdown. raiders played without their injured running back mcfadden and jenks. so it's rushing. it's 20-103rd quarter. streeter sews up the 48-yard touchdown. it's 27-173rd quarter. but the jet -- but it's 27-13 in the third quarter. raiders try to strip the ball but there's also really bad tackling there. jets win. terrell pryor played for one series but mcgowen played well in his fourth start as a quarterback. oakland is now 4-9. come back to host the chiefs next sunday. >>> what a wacky start in the nfl. we saw bad weather. fantastic finishes and we start it all in mile high denver where the broncos clench a spot. the altitude in denver normally helps kickers but it was just 14 degrees. you can't kick in that weather. mather kicks. as time runs out in the half and that's a new nfl record for matt prater. he throws four touch downs that one to decker and denver win
Dec 9, 2013 4:00am PST
.m. tampa bay taking on the buccaneers. >> and it didnt look good for the riaders. raiders rookie quarterback matt mcgloin - was pulled in favor of terrelle pryor after just four pass attemptsonly to put him back in late in the first quarter. marquette king -from his own end zonepunt is blocked and antonio allen recovers for the td giving the jets the 20-3 lead. marcel reece - delivered big time - the 63 yarder to open the 3rd quarter. in the 4th the raiders try and strip the ball from chris ivory - but forget to tackle, and that touchdown ices it. final: 37-27 jets this is the raiders 13 straight loss. >> live in the weather center and we are not done with subfreezing temperatures. it's i will talk about the coldest spots when we continue. >> you get ready, set, eat. santa l moser restaurant and indianapolis held their first ever shrimp cocktail eating championships saturday. contestants had to devour as much of the legendary appetizer is that could and eight minutes. among the years, local firefighters, police officers and you guessed it, competitive eater joey chesnutt. >> in i
Dec 9, 2013 7:00am PST
. >> the raiders--they pulled him in the first quarter and a put the other quarterback in. the announce as were very excited. >> are you a jets fan? >> i used to be. but i'm not leaning towards the raiders. >> good for you. it is wants to be an 11 straight losing season. you can say that they did this or that but the bottom-line they're just not that good. >> this was their 13th straight loss. does that mean anything? >> that means said they should not travel. >> thankfully, you could've changed for channel and watch the game with the philadelphia eagles and the detroit lions. >> they just could not keep but with them. they were running in 6 in. of snow. for >> some people so they just loved it when it snows. >> there were some huge runs, 34 points in the fourth quarter. >> i just do not like the outcome determined by the weather. >> well, that is what they're same will happen with the super bowl. >> i always laugh when i see this. they use that have the college football games and he stated that he would last about in the rain unless is one of my children. so we would go to the game and it's st
Dec 1, 2013 5:30pm PST
sunday at the stake. afc business, the raiders had the day off. they got to sit back and watch two division rivals get after each other. the chiefs at broncos, manning, the broncos h to play catch up. alex smith, looking for anthony. it is 21-17. but, then, it would be go time for manning and the broncos. >> here is the old general. going to work. and he is looking for the best- looking man of the nfl. eric decker. yes, that is what the publications say. eric decker, with three second half grabs. manning throws 5 touchdowns in the game. denver beats kansas city for the second time in three weeks. 35-28. the chiefs have lost 3 straight after starting the season 9-0. andrew luck, the struggle, no touchdowns. holding on for the he'd. they put it away on the brown rushing score. they beat tennessee 22-14 to improve to 8-4. now, the afc play off picture, denver remains the top seed. and has a 1-game lead plus the tiebreaker over the chiefs for the division crowd. blackout in the arena. formally known as arco delayed the warriors. final seconds, now, look how he ends it at the half. with
Dec 1, 2013 6:30pm PST
francisco will host the division-leading seahawks next sunday at the stick. afc business, the raiders had the day off. got to sit back and watch the chiefs and broncos go toe-toe, manning and the broncos forced to play catch up. smith, look at this. anthony, it was 21-7, chiefs. but then it was go time for manning and the broncos. the old general went to work and hooked up with the best- looking man, many publications say, eric decker. married to country star jessie james. and beating kansas city. 35-28. the chiefs lost 3 straight after starting the season 9-0. segue to the nba. a blackout in the arena form he known as arco. starting the kings, now, a hero. knocks it down. warriors by 3 at the half. seth curry going ahead. 8 seconds left. here is how it ended. thomas, trying to play beat the clock. >> on 3, on 3. on 3. >> thomas, to the rim, bogus, the shot, he got the rebound. warriors win. >> warriors hang on, 115-1then. you got to do it at both ends. >>> coming up tonight on "gameday." david fales and chandler jones joins me in studio. the spartans are riding high after the first win o
Dec 9, 2013 7:00am PST
. >> meantime, the oakland raiders were on the road playing the new york jets. in the third quarter, the jets led 17-10. the raiders wouldn't give up. now, watch matt mcgloin, just threading the needle. went through four players. rod streater made this catch. ran 48 yards for a touchdown. 27-17. but the jets held on. they won, 37-27. >>> it is 7:26. and we now know there will be no weeknight games at levi stadium due to a lack of parking. the san francisco chronicle says the 49ers are counting on nearby businesses to provide 21,000 parking spaces on game days but during the week, the space will be filled with employees' cars. that means no monday night or thursday into the games during the first season when the 49ers start to play in santa clara and possibly ever. >>> 7:27. new concerns about the eastern span of the bay bridge. what forced the state's senate transportation and housing committee to start conducting hearings about the bridge. >> reporter: we're live in la fayette, where we have reports of black ice on the roadways. we'll tell you what to watch out for -- coming up. >>> traffic
Dec 1, 2013 5:00pm PST
. >>> the raiders were off today, but already game planning for the new york jets. oakland's second game at the met life stadium in new jersey. denver and kansas city hope to play there in 9 weeks, which is the home of super bowl 49. today, in kansas city. this was niles davis. bouncing off tacklers. remember, denver won the first meeting, and they win again today. peyton manning throws all 4 touchdown passes to eric decker. they're 10-2. the chiefs lose for the third time in their last four starts. gary kubiak's nightmare season continues in houston. big ben tate of the texans scores to give houston a 31-28 lead. there's nearly 9 minutes left. the patriots not only get one, they get two field goals. they win their 9th game of the season. 34-13. houston's 10th straight loss. >>> cam newton, and carolina keep chugging along. today, the panthers dominate tampa bay for their 8th straight victory. the panthers win 27-6. they're 9-3, in and are the number 1 nfc wild card team. >>> josh to jeffrey. vikings defender, chris cook is all over itment i wish my suit fits that well. but he still scores the touc
Dec 7, 2013 7:00am PST
the fights between 49ers and raider fans in the past. seahawks supporters have even gone online asking about safety at candlestick park. >> i have been getting quite a few e-mails per day saying my son is going to the game. should he wear his jersey. i'm bringing my girlfriend. will i be safe. >> some police officers will be undercover dressed in football gear. fans may react with hostility if they see officers in uniform. tonight seahawk fans plan to paint pier39 in the team's colors. they have a host of activities for fans, the hard work cafe has fun packs for those showing up in seal gear. seattle gear. we have a way for you to show your 49er pride. we have a competition with our station in seattle to see who can get more likes and shares on facebook. help us by going to our wall, click click oro share our beige. you badge. you can watch that game tomorrow followed by the post game show and the point after. >> all right. your time is 7:51. taking a closer look at sea otters. the new study and if studdie. >> and we are drying out this morning. not before seeing a good amount of rain. i
Dec 9, 2013 5:00am PST
to 15 years of hard labor. >> the oakland raiders try to figure out what to do after another tough loss, 4-9 on the season. losing to the jets of all people, who is to say their playoff hopes are gone. 49ers high after a win over seattle seahawks. >> there was a big stop in the fourth quarter. then frank gore made the play of the game. taking the ball for his longest run of the season. a field goal sealed the win. 19-17. >> makes monday so much nicer. >> doesn't it though. >> coming up, a fixer upper but one realtor hopes you'll see potential in this to want to pay about $400,000 for it. >> needs a little paint. spies figure out how to make bosses let them play video games. >> let's take a look outside this morning. a clear morning, another cold start. barely make out the top, to let us know things are alive and well. >>> how much would you pay for a large victorian home just steps away from san jose state university? how about $400,000? there is a problem here. a little fire damage. take a look. it makes it more air-conditioned. 2100 square foot four bedroom home on the market for $399
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12